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Hand-sewn sandals in black lamb suede, with pigskin lining. Chunky heel  upholstered with brocade. Soft insole with lamb suede. Also comes in different materials, colors, and combinations.

Very good fit, firmly attached to the foot with 2 flexible straps. Chunky heel with a good balance. Comfortable for a long day.

Straps with velcro.

Heel: 7 cm, upholstered:

  • Coffee with dark brown, cream and gold brocade.
  • Cream with cream, brown and silver brocade.
  • Lime with lime, teal and gold brocade.
  • Ocean with grey, blue and silver brocade. 
  • Rose with  brown, silver and rose brocade.
  • Sky with light blue, brown and cream brocade.
  • Wine with wine-red, blue and cream brocade.

All sizes and more colors are possible, so if your size or favorite color is not an option in the drop down, please contact us.

All our shoes can be made by measure, please contact us for more information.

Our many different designer shoes and boots are manufactured on a last with a good fit for Northern European feet.

Several different designs and models are built on the same last and therefore those shoes and boots mostly fit the same feet. We made it easy for you to find similar shapes by grouping our collections after which last the shoe is based on.

We who design and work with the footwear, use it ourselves, and therefore we have a pretty good feeling which kind of shoes are nice to wear all day long without hurting the feet.

All shoes are hand-sewn.

Customized shoes delivered to your doorstep

Since we have our own factory, we are able to offer all levels of customization.
However, obviously, the process and what we need from you differ depending on the desired level of customization. 

Standard shoes
Beautifully designed and handmade shoes in standard sizes from 36-43
You shop and we deliver to your doorstep once they are made

Customized shoes
Standard shoes as presented in the shop but adjusted to your feet
You select your model and select 'by measure' as a variation
We send you a simple and easy tool for measurement
You use the tool and send us a photo
We hand make the shoe and send it to your desired address

Tailormade shoes
You can have (almost) any unique design you want
Get in touch and we will make you an offer
You may have to visit our showroom in Denmark
Tailormade is for unique design but also for unique feet

Orthopedic shoes
We partner with podiatrist
For more information:

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