Women's feet are unfortunate - because we are women.

An average person walks more than 2,5 times around the globe during a life time. This is why taking care of your feet is so important and you should exercise your feet as well as the rest of your body. All the muscles, joints and ligaments have to work together. If just one part is broken or out of sync, the rest of the body suffers, ie from back pain, knees etc. Even a blister on one foot automatically causes more pressure on the other foot.

For every step you take, the foot has to mitigate and spread the weight of the entire body. If your foot is weak or inflexible, it's much harder for it to mitigate or compensate for the shock passed onto the foot by each step. If not mitigated this shock then affects the whole body. Mitigating is the most important job for your feet.

Most women know the feeling of jet pain from the front foot claiming our full attention for each step. It feels like walking directly on the bones. This phenomenon is called Mortons Metatarsalgi and typically affects women above 40 years. The cause is that the tendons have fallen weak and no longer can hold and lift the forefoot. The pain is persistent and can only be reduced by lifting the bone structure at the center of the foot and reestablish the arch.

Another common problem is bunions. They tend to develop slowly over time, for some from a very young age, and they can be incredibly painful. The problem can be minimized using a special last and insole. You choose a model from our shoe collection and the last is adjusted for exactly the shape of your feet. 

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 Facts about feet

A foot has 26 bones and your feet have more than 200.000 nerve endings sending signals to your brain about how they, and you, are doing. 
If your weight is 70 kg, each foot will be loaded by app. 100 ton each time you run 1 km.
Diabetes reduces the sensation from the feet which often leads to significant problems.

Your feet – Your style

Your feet are screaming: "Let me be". You can hardly think of anything but when you will be able to sit down and rest your feet. You try everything but your beautiful pumps end up at the bottom of your closet. Somehow we seem to have internalized one of two beliefs: It is ok my feet are killing me - or I have to wear boring shoes to avoid it. Both are false.

Experts don't agree if these common foot problems are related to shoes with too high heels or shoes that are too small. But all seem to agree, you can do a lot to give your feet a happy and healthy life. You can easily wear moderate high heels is the shoe is made correctly.

This is why the lasts of WomanPower Shoes have the heels placed well below the heel and not too far at the back. By making them broader eather at the floor or just under the heel, we designed heels which are both elegant and provide a perfect distribution of your body weight.

Nobody knows why especially women suffer from these problems. Some believe it's caused by our genes. Othes it's caused by wrong footwear. We believe in great design to avoid, eliminate or reduce the problem.

"All women and all feet deserve amazing shoes."
- Ulla Hentze, CEO & Chief Designer

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